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    Temporary Fencing for Events and Construction

    From crowd control to chain link fencing, keep your live event or construction site safe and secure with custom temporary fencing solutions from HireBlue. Get the protection and peace of mind that only our secure fencing solutions can provide, with premium steel products, climb-proof mesh and urgent hire available for building sites, outdoor festivals, carnivals and more.

    For simple convenience, HireBlue’s open-hire system allows hire periods for as long as you need without having to worry about returning fencing by a pre-agreed date. Standing at over 2 metres high, our perimeter and compound fencing is equipped with climb-proof mesh and bolted clamps. Each fence panel sits in a concrete-filled base with a top clamp to secure it. Using waratahs, braces or angles ensures a robust installation. Choose HireBlue for specific temporary fencing in Auckland if you require a reliable and secure barrier that can be easily installed and removed.

    We operate 7 days a week.

    Why Choose HireBlue


    Events and construction sites can be unpredictable and require a certain level of safety and security. HireBlue’s temporary fencing solutions allow you to focus on the task at hand. Whether you're looking for a short-term or long-term solution, we've got you covered. Priding ourselves on our renowned customer service, we work closely with clients to ensure they get the right solution for their needs, and our team can provide advice and guidance to make sure your event or construction site is safe and secure.

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    Got an urgent job? We understand that sometimes things don't go to plan and you need a fence immediately. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver in a timely manner that minimises disruption and ensures your site remains secure.
    Our fence is constructed to a very high standard. Using premium steel, we don't cut back on quality, ensuring that we have one of the strongest mesh and product available on the market.
    Our climb proof mesh is small enough to prevent a foothold, and looks much nicer than other chainlink products. Our clamps we use to secure the fence are designed and installed in such a way that makes it difficult to open up the fence.


    What types of temporary fencing does Hire Blue provide?
    We provide high-security fencing to prevent trespassers and thieves, as well as providing perimeter and compound fencing equipped with climb-proof mesh and bolted clamps.
    What types of sites does Hire Blue provide fencing for?
    Commonly, we provide fencing for building sites and areas that must be kept off-limits to the public and passersby. Our fencing can keep your events secure by protecting the paying customers and keeping out those who don’t have tickets. This could be at music gigs, festivals, carnivals and more.
    When does the hire period start?
    We are always prepared to help by offering urgent hires across the Wider Auckland Region. Get fencing delivered to your site in a quick, professional and timely manner. Call us today or contact us via our website and we’ll respond within 24 hours.
    When does the hire period end?
    We operate an open hire system meaning you can hire for as long as you require without having to worry about needing to return fencing by a pre-agreed date.
    Can the fence be moved once it’s installed?
    Fencing can be installed where you want when you want. If changes are needed, your staff will have the ability to adapt the site fencing as they see fit - but outsiders won’t. All fencing is made from premium steel and sits in a concrete-filled base with a top clamp to secure it. Waratahs, braces or angles help to secure this robust installation.